VIRTUAL - What Robots Do - September 2020 - Northwest Region

VIRTUAL - What Robots Do - September 2020 - Northwest Region
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9/21/2020 12:45 PM
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Dive into the dazzling world of robotics! Daisies will learn what robots do and how they move. Once you've completed the workshop, the only thing left is to buy the What Robots Do badge from your council store! Must be able to pick up workshop kits at the Amazeum or Rogers office. 
$15.00 per Participant
Cancellation Policy
Event fee refunds will be given if the registrar is notified in writing 10 business days PRIOR to the event or if the attendee is unable to attend due to Covid-19 exposure or symptoms. No shows will be refunded only in the case of serious illness or family death. For serious illness, a doctor's written note is required and should be submitted within 14 days after the event.

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