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Due to COVID-19, we are taking extra steps to ensure safety for all during your visit. Below is our cleaning & reservation protocol at our Wilderness Properties during this time:
Cleaning & COVID-19 Preventions: Facilities will be thoroughly sanitized before and after each use. Employees are washing their hands frequently and wearing a face mask. Each open facility will be supplied with Lysol and masks for guests to use.
Requesting Items: You may request items with Property Ranger, David Hawley. He will leave these items for you at your door. His phone number is 1-501-940-8046.
Check In/Out: Property Ranger, David Hawley will call you within 7 days of your visit to confirm the reservation. Once you arrive on site, please call David at 1-501-940-8046 so that he can guide you to the unlocked facility. There will be online forms for you to complete in the facility and David will provide cleaning instructions to you in person. 
Each visitor is required to complete a facility entry questionnaire before entering the facility alongside the reservation holder. If a guest answers yes to any symptom questions, they must leave the property.
Please download a QR scanner to access these online forms.
Insurance & other required documentation:
Private Groups & Girl Scout Groups:
All non-members are required to provide proof of health insurance and auto insurance (for any vehicles of non-members on site) and sign a liability form before traveling. Send this form to all non-members in your group. Legal guardians should complete for minors. They will need to show proof of completion at check-in with the property ranger by taking a picture/screenshot or printing out the confirmation email that will be sent to them shortly after completing the form.
Girl Scout Groups: 
Registered Girl Scout members are covered under GSUSA's Mutual of Omaha policy. No additional proof of insurance is needed for registered members. For the safety and best interest of all members, please ensure that registrations are up to date before visiting camp. 
All Groups:
A valid drivers license is required at check-in (not necessary for all members of the group, just the reservation holder).
Companies & Nonprofits:
A certificate of liability insurance is required for all companies and non-profits at check in. Here are the requirements for the certificate:
Contractual liability for bodily injury and property damage in an amount not less than $1 million combined single limit and naming Girl Scouts - Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas as an additional insured. 
Fire legal liability shall be included in the limit. 
If the company intends to use vehicles on the property, a certificate of insurance is needed for commercial automobile liability for owned, nonowned, and hired cars with a minimum limit of $1 million combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage. 
If the company employs staff, certification that workers’ compensation and employers’ liability are covered by insurance.
These are documents are required at check in and they will be uploaded using the online form. Please have them ready on the device that you wish to use during check in. Please be sure that all required documentation is not expired. The property ranger will be checking expiration dates at check in.
Girl Scouts - Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas reserves the right to terminate reservation agreements or contracts at our discretion. 
For all medical emergencies, call 911. 
Notify Property Ranger, David Hawley at 1-501-940-8046 to report any emergency or request assistance.
Facility Information:
Bedding is not provided, please bring this with you for the bunk beds.
Towels and wash rags are not provided. Please bring this with you.
Kitchens are stocked with basic kitchen utensils, dishes and cookware, stove, refrigerator and coffee pot. 
Paper products such as toilet paper and paper towels are provided.
Hand soap is provided.
Personal hygiene products such as shampoo and body wash are not provided. Please bring this with you.,
Property rental cancellations/refund policy – Weather-related cancellations on the day of arrival have no penalty. All other cancellations must be made within 14 days of the reservation to receive a full refund. Cancellations made after the 14 day time frame will be refunded at 75%, with 25% held as a booking and processing fee. 
Troops & Service Units:

If you are traveling for a troop travel trip that is over 120 miles away or if it is an overnight trip, please be sure to start a Troop Travel Application and send it to

Once the troop travel application is submitted, a member of the program department will share a 25%/night discount code with volunteers to use during booking. It is important to note that discount codes will be shared with those that start the application process. An approved status is not required to receive the code but is ultimately required to travel. Discounts will not be applied to those that book a reservation before a troop travel application is submitted.


Each department has a special discount code to apply at check out. This is to be used for business purposes only. If you do not know your department's discount code, please reach out to your supervisor or email When completing a reservation on behalf of someone else, please enter their personal information in so important directions can be shared with them from the property ranger or regional coordinator.


Horse Activities: 

All riders are required to complete this form. Legal guardians should complete for minors. They will need to show proof of completion before the activity can take place with the property ranger/activity instructor by taking a picture/screenshot or printing out the confirmation email that will be sent to them shortly after completing the form.

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